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Hundreds of trading “gurus” claim crazy, outsized profits. How many are willing to show you their 1040 tax return? Kyle Dennis is. In 2015, he claimed exactly $838,353 in capital gains.

See It For Yourself Right Here

Did Kyle grow up rich? No. Just two years earlier he was saddled with $80,000 in college debt – earning just $32,658 in a dead end, entry level job.

In four years – he turned $15,253 into $2,855,475…

That’s a 15,971% return!

So – how did he do it?

In two words: biotech stocks.

And, no – Kyle isn’t some scientific genius. He’s not trying to pick the next Merck or Pfizer. With his unique 3-Step Strategy – he’s only in each stock for a few days.

Still can’t guess how he’s doing it? I’ll give you a clue…

Every one of his trades requires a catalyst.

Now Kyle is sharing the secrets behind his strategy in a special online training event.

If you’re lucky enough to attend –  you’ll get a complete walkthrough of his strategy that’s taken him from broke college student to multi-millionaire.

In This Special Online Event You’ll Learn:

  • The Basics of Trading Biotech Stocks
  • The Secret to Kyle’s 18,912% Return
  • 10 Reasons Why Biotech Can Be Lucrative
  • Powerful ‘Catalyst’ Profit Strategies
  • How to Find Upcoming Biotech Catalysts
  • Step-by-Step Methods to WIN Your Valuation
  • And so much more!

Check out what some of Kyle’s students are tweeting about him:

“@kylewdennis @KeithKernBTB 5k $LUNA In at 1.54, out at 1.63 +$450 Took my family hiking. Your teaching me how to change my life! Thank you!!”

  • MT Risner

“Up 1,600 so far, small wins on $CBLI and $NADL, sold some $INFI for 1,300 so far from @kylewdennis watchlist. I’m off to the boat!”

  • Kevin

“BOOM! Most successful day I’ve had so far, thanks to @kylewdennis #biotechbreakouts $ECYT $ARLZ $900 plus realized.”

  • Lee Aucoin

YOU could be his next success story! Your first step? Register for the event:

Learn the 3-Step Plan Kyle Used to Turn $15,253 into $2,855,475


Good Trading!

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