Dr. Alexander Elder Macau Trading Camp

Single trader registration
Macau Traders’ Camp Oct 20-25, 2015
Dr Alexander Elder (Author)

Our Camp is all-inclusive – one fee covers everything except transportation. Your Camp fee includes all classes, learning materials, private consultations, hotel, meals, and even beer or wine with dinner. Once you walk into the hotel, you do not need to reach into your pocket until the day you leave for the airport.

Camp fees:

A. Camper (shared room): $4,900

B. Two traders (a couple or two friends): $7,990

If not sure whether coming alone or together, register as a single now and add the second person later to take advantage of this discount.

Takef a BIG discount – it is already applied in the pricing above.

Campers earn early registration discounts for every month before August 20, 2015 – the sooner you register, the lower your cost. Plus, you receive immediate free access to private online classes with Dr Elder and his weekly scan results as soon as you register (regular cost $140/month).

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